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What is SEO

What is seo ? SEO is short for search engine optimization. Search engine optimization by design is the attempt to manipulate google rankings by building links, social media, on page optimization etc. Every since I started search engine optimization over 20 years ago people have been asking me “What is SEO” in this article I will attempt to explain in depth exactly what is seo.

SEO has a sorted past when the internet was in its inception seo was rather easy. If you wanted to rank on google for a particular search term lets say “local plumber” then all you had to do was say the phrase over and over again on your website and build a bunch of links to your site and like magic your site would skyrocket in the rankings. These practices created a very poor user experience because instead of your search results showing the best possible matches it showed the website with the best seo. Unscrupulous seo practitioners would even say the target phrase over and over in the same color as the background page so you could not see they had wrote the phrase a thousand times. Google needed some way to try to weed out these black hat seo guys as they were came to be known.

There came to be known two types of seo black hat seo and whitehat seo . White hat seo referred to seo practitioners whose practices were more acceptable to google ie they did manual link building and all of there seo work was done without the aid of automated software. SEO Daddy strongly disagrees with the terms. The white hat seo guys consider themselves purist in that they do it all by hand. However in the end if i built a link by hand or had a software program build it for me the end result is the same. I still tried to manipulate google search engine results by building links.

What is seo ? The bottom line is when you build a website no one is going to come until you do some type of seo. So search engine optimization is your only chance of getting visitors and building a successful online business. Check out seo daddy’s affordable seo


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