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 Hire a real estate seo expert. We are experts in real estate search engine optimisation.


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Increase Your Sales With A Expert Real Estate SEO Program

Hiring a real estate seo expert to manage your website search engine optimization is your best bet. Affordable SEO Programs. We offer several affordable seo packages.

Seo Daddy’s strategy involves adding excellent content to your website. Content and a friendly user experience is what google is looking for. I am sure you have heard the phrase “content is king”.

Content is especially important in a real estate website. When talking content I mean typed words not just a bunch of pics and a short description.


 Expert SEO Services For Realtors

Real Estate SEO Services

You want more leads. Obviously more leads equal more sales. Search Engine optimization tailered to realty industry is something we specialize in.

As a former broker myself I understand the real estate world. I know exactly what it takes to stand out in this crowd. Its a competitive world and those that concentrate on the future will prevail.


Expert RealEstate Seo Audit

We provide a low cost seo audit done manually by seo daddy himself that will give you a starting point. From here you will have a good idea of where to proceed and can decide whether you want to hire us for seo or do it your self. Our detailed seo audit is $19.99



Why Do Real Estate SEO

  • Increased Sales Leads
  • Increased “Brand Recognition”
  • Beat Out Your Competition
  • Increase Sales
  • Build Seller and buyer confidence
  • Lastly Make More Money LOL


How Soon Can I Expect Results

Seo no matter who you hire takes time. At Seo Daddy we provide bi-weekly seo reports which detail what we have done and our strategy going forward. Our work is easily trackable.

You can expect to see some serp movement within 2 months and full results in about 6 months. There is no viable solution for doing it any faster.

If you do straight blackhat seo you may rank fast but eventually your site will take a dive and suffer a penalty from google. Recovering from a penalty takes time and money.


Should I do my own expert real estate Search Engine Optimization?

Seo takes many years and hundreds of hours to master. Yes of course you can do your own seo but the cost only of the seo tools you are going to need to optimize a single site will cost more than hiring an seo expert.

SEO Progression

  • We start with an in depth seo audit
  • Next we do some keyword research
  • Then on to some on site optimization
  • Then we work on social media
  • Lastly we will start to build links to your website
  • Thats it in a nutshell sounds easier than it is
Getting Started

In the initial phase we will talk with you personally. We will go over your goals and objectives for your site.


  Keyword research is paramount

Keyword research must be done effectively and you must understand the customers intent. Ranking for instance for the term “real estate” would bring lots of visitors to your site but most of them are looking for something your site may not offer. Howerever ranking for the term “houses for sale peoria illinois” will bring visitors that want to buy a house in Peoria.

You want to make sure that your site visitors are looking to use a service that you offer. Whether that be buying or selling a house. If you do real estate rentals then you may want to rank for those keywords as well.

As you can see below google itself offers a wealth of long tail buyers keywords. Scroll to bottom of google page after any inquiry.

For this example I queried “real estate for sale” as you can see a number of local search terms came up. This provides some excellent phrases to now proceed. To proceed you need to use a keyword finder to make sure the competition isn’t to steep.

real estate seo expert

SEO For Real Estate Agents

I know from my years in the business that seo for real estate agents is key. I ran a brokerage agency for many years. I can tell you with absolute certainty that the most successful agents had websites.

Not only did they have websites but they either did their own optimization or hired it done.

If you want to be a top of the top real estate agent then seo is going to be your key to success.

Hiring a real estate seo consultant you can trust is where we can help you. Check out our seo package. We consider ourselves to be one of the choices for seo. Our real estate seo services are second to none.

You are getting the best of both worlds with us. SEO Daddy has years of real estate experience as well as 20+ years experience with optimizing websites.

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