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Finding Affordable and effective Seo for Dentists can be challenging to say the least. A dental seo pro should be carefully chosen.Lets face it though in today’s world you must do it to be a powerhouse in the dental field. People no longer use the yellow pages. They instead use their smartphones to search for everything. When is the last time that you used a phone book? This trend is not going to change. It used to be that people got out the yellow pages. They thumbed through to dentists. Then they looked at the ads and the dentist that had the big 1500 a month ad was assumed to be the biggest in the field. Well they still make yellow pages and unbelievably dentists still advertise in them. SEO for Dentists is actually a much better bargain. With a dental seo pro your costs reduce over time as your website gains popularity. Then the amount of work to be done for seo simply becomes more of a maintenance matter.

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Dental SEO

Dental SEO Marketing Starts With Content

Seo for Dentists today begins with having great content. Google uses a complicated and secret algorithm to determine who ranks where. Content is king according to google. Your website must contain content that is valuable to your patients or prospective patients.

The Google Local Listings

The rule of thumb for seo is it takes 6 months to a year to get top rankings. However this is for ranking terms that are national or international in scope. Such as the term “dental chair” If you are selling dental chairs then you want to rank for high value seo phrases that people use on a national level.

In the case of a local dental practice you want to rank on local searches. The local seo market rankings can be achieved in as little as 1-3 months depending on competition. In larger markets like Chicago or New York its going to take a lot more work than say Paducah Kentucky. That being said said a first place spot on google local in Chicago is worth millions.SEO For Dentists

The first step in seo ranking in google local is to make sure you are listed with google local. Click Here to list your dental practice.

When people do a search in Google, they’ll see a map and a list of the top three local listings that are near. The will see these first. Just like in the illustration above.

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