How to build a private blog network – PBN

This article is going to focus on how to build a private blog network for under $20 . Im going to show you how to buiild a tumblr private blog network.

Google loves tumblr and will index many tumblr sites even if they have thin content.

Google has cracked down on pbn’s and its important that you leave no footprints for google to determine its a pbn or the pbn will be deindexed by google.

Make no mistake about it building your own pbn is going to be a lot of work. In this article i’m going to show you the cheapest way to build a pbn with minimal work.

Ok first thing we need to do is get some aged tumblr accounts with a da of say 27+. You could use gscraper and scrape your own expired tumblr accounts but unless you know how to use it,there is a learning curve. I buy all my expired tumblr accounts from this guy. He will provide you with 32 high pa tumblr domains for $5. You can also search fiverr and find a set of expired sites matching your needs.

private blog network


You want to make sure you are buying expired tumblr domains with high trust flow of at least 10. You may want to mix it up and buy a few weebly domains as well.


Google has caught on a long time ago about privaate blog networks and will seek to deindex those that they identify. You simply want to leave no footprints. That means you want to have your sites on different ips and use differnt login info for each.

 Even though some themes are very popular Dont use a single theme on all your accounts. Also don’t use these sites in your google search console account.

 Tip: Grab some 3rd party theme from Themeforest or others. The more popular, the better.


In addition only put one link to your money site from each tumblr account.

  • Expired Tumblr Accounts

An expired Tumblr Domain might not have a Page Authority of 90+

but should definitely have a Page Authority of around 20-30 or more

It depends on you. How much time you are willing to spend to get the best expire Tumblr blogs for yourself…

Having a Quality Tumblr Link will increase your google ranking.

Google trusts Tumblr immensely.

Of course having a tumblr private blog network will increase your google trust a lot.

For reference here are other sites with high google trust flow

How an ideal expired tumblr blog would look

  • should be related to your niche
  • has a pa of at least 25

When searching for Expired Tumblr’s, you’ll find it somewhat hard to meet all of all these specs.

It takes a lot of searching to find an expired blog that’s niche related with some link juice.

When searching for your blogs, prioritize the results

  • By Name related to your niche tumblr backlinks seo


I picked the niche as SEO and looked out for some domain.

We are using as an example.

Ok more later lol


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