Affordable Search Engine Optimization

Ok you need affordable search engine optimization.

You maybe just started a blog or an eCommerce site or whatever and your budget is small or zero and you want or need to rank in google.

This article is going to focus on doing your own affordable search engine optimization.

I am going to assume that you just bought the domain and built a website or wordpress site.

The first thing I would do is hire seo daddy and check out cheap seo packages but assuming you want to do it yourself here goes.

Ok you got your website built and you need to add some articles. I like to write about what I am passionate about. I am sure you do as well. This however is a bad strategy. You need to write keyword relevant articles constantly keeping in mind the keywords you want to rank for.

Easy First Links

  • First though I want to go over some easy first links you can get the first and probably one of the best is newswire . This site will allow you to register for free and off of the top of my head I think you get one no follow link for free and for $1 per year you get an extra do follow link. This site has a da of 71 and provides tons of link juice. You should pay the dollar.
  • Next I would go to yelp and submit your business there.
  • Next I would  go to google local and submit your business there.
  • Then go to newswire and submit your site there. It costs $1 for a dofollow pa 71 link for a year.
  • Then I would go over to seoclerks and use the search button. You can find like1.4k facebook likes for $1 buy them.


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