2018 Advanced Link Wheel

Advanced Link Wheel

I am going to build an advanced link wheel just like pictured above and I’m Going to use it exclusively to try and rank this post.

Its going to be a google study of sorts and we will see if the link wheel is dead or if it still works.

I have not used this link wheel strategy before and so I have purchased 20 high pa 30 or more expired tumblr domains.

From all the research I have done I need to place at minimum one 300 word  original article and specifically not a bunch of spun articles or nonsense. I am still waiting on the tumblr domains to be delivered. I will keep this post updated after I get the domains and on into see if the post ranks we will track it together.

Writing 20 original articles for web 2.0 link wheel sites is going to be like an entire weekend project just to come up with some thin content. I know seo common sense is that you should always do keyword research and have a ranking plan before the article writing starts.

I tend to very often write about what I am interested in and instead hope some of it ranks lol. Now don’t get me wrong I write some articles strictly off of keyword research to get some google visits but often I get going on a subject I am just interested in like this study I am doing here.

Seo Daddy will build you a tumblr advanced link wheel should you want one of your own and the cost including a 300 word original article on each of the 20 domains is $400. I encourage you to visit cheap seo packages  to check out some of myseo packages. These prices are just ballpark and visit my contact page to contact me personally so we can work out a budget and seo attack plan together

Okay that’s about it for now. Today is 2/25/2018 and I will update you as soon as I get the expired tumblr domains and begin working on them.

I plan to continue to update this page for 6 months.

2/26/2018 Update
Ok I got the expired tumblr blogs from fiverr.  The only thing was I misunderstood the ad so I only got 12 domains instead of 20.
I will just modify the plan slightly and build a smaller advanced link wheel. Im going to draw that up and start working on the articles.

Update 2/28/2018 Wow ok I built the first expired tumblr blog and it had a pa 37. I wrote an original short article on it.

Then I put a link on it directly to this post with the anchor text “Advanced Link Wheel”. I went to bed with thoughts of how I was going to try and write 11 more articles for the rest of the expired tumblr domains I had bought.

Next morning I woke up early and checked my serps as I always do.

Well this post ranked number 7 for the term advanced link wheel and the silly video I made for this post ranked number 10.

Wow I was shocked. Now granted the keyword phrase was not competitive at all but this entire blog is new and I don’t rank first page for anything as of yet.

In addition this post ranked number 1 for the term advanced link wheel study.

2018 Link Wheels Outdated

I have done additional research and looked at the sites promoting link wheels in 2018 and have came to the conclusion that link wheels are outdated. I believe that creating a link wheel advanced or basic for your site will most likely get you a google penalty.

Therfore I will not be creating a link wheel for this post.

Expired Tumblr Accounts

I still obviously believe that expired tumblr accounts are a valuable resource for any seo effort. These expired accounts with a high pa can be used without a link wheel. Just set up new relevant and original posts on the account with a link back to your money site. I think that this effort will help you to achieve your seo goals.

Link Wheels

Link wheels used to be fantastic 6 years ago but google has just become to smart. However there is a difference between between a bogus blackhat link wheel full of spun articles and nonsense and links provided from original articles. Original, insightful articles add value to the internet. Google is looking to give you credit from sites that provide internet value. Google also wants to penalize you for nonsense link wheels that are just designed to provide a link to your site.

This leap forward by google has actually saved the internet from being just a bunch of marketing sites wanting your money without adding any value to the user.

I believe the link wheel seo technique is just outdated and no longer useful.


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