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Welcome folks here you will find the best affordable seo on the planet. We are local to the Chicago area. We service the entire world. We are an affordable seo company.

I have been in the affordable seo business since the inception of the internet. I consider myself and my staff to be some of the most competent in the seo industry. We provide effective affordable seo services for the average person. We guarantee to skyrocket your website to google page one. We offer affordable seo packages customized for any budget. We offer cheap seo Chicago programs and if you are local to us and hire us we can meet you in Chicago. If you are not local we still want your business. SEO is our game and we are the masters at it.

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Search Engine optimization is crucial to the survival of all existing businesses and crucial for all start up businesses. 90% of all search engine traffic stops at the first page of google search results. My seo services are very unlike most of my competitors. I offer unlimited telephone and email support. You can call me directly anytime. In addition I,m usually online and all my emails go directly to my phone.

Affordable SEO Software


If you want to do your own cheap seo I highly recommend senuke 

Affordable SEO Software

Cheap SEO

Senuke is an automated seo program the puts your seo on turbo speed. Its also easy to use and almost fully automatic. Tweak a few settings and click senuke does the rest. This powerful software program has a seven day free trial for just $1. Then its on sale for $77 a month. I have used both senuke and GSA Ser. The gsa ser software is relatively cheap but much harder to use than senuke. In addition senuke is easy to set up a does a comprehensive seo project with just a few clicks.  Senuke is hands down the winner. Some people say that google penguin updates will catch your site using senuke and penalize it. That can be true if its misused but like any tool for seo moderation is key.

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Hire SEO Daddy

Search Engine Optimization can be very confusing at first. You have all of these strange new terms seo,white hat,blackhat,link building etc. That is why most successful website entrepeneurs hire seo firms like us to help them. You can do all of your seo really cheaply by doing it yourself or can you?

To be honest no you really can’t do it yourself any cheaper than you can hire an expert

We suggest an affordable seo program from an expert. The reasons doing your own seo work is expensive are.

  • Programs necessary to do it like semrush, senuke, ahrefs will cost you hundreds a month
  • You may not have the same connections or ability to get some free link juice
  • Time is money and doing your own seo is going take lots of your time
  • Any mistakes you make will cost you money and may ruin your site

Our firm guarantees results within 2-6 months. SEO Daddy provides affordable SEO services for small businesses and powerful low cost SEO for for your business. SEO Daddy’s cheap quality small business SEO services will increase your website’s organic search presence.In other words you will be on page one in google for enough search terms to drive a credible amount of traffic to your site.

Whether you have a big or small business, we have a low cost seo program for you.We specialize in all aspects of affordable seo services.

SENUKE Brief Tutorial

This was my first video tutorial but it shows how to set up a turbo wizard full monty senuke campaign. Ignore the silent periods etc lol. Ill do better on the next one.

SENUKE Automated Link Building

If you insist on doing your own seo you are going to at least need to get senuke . Senuke is a powerful seo program with a 7 day trial for $1 Click Here thats a special from seo daddy I urge you to take advantage of it. I recommend you keep the program for the discounted rate of $77 per month but even if you only keep it for 7 days you can build a lot of links in 7 days. Heres a tiny video showing you exactly how to run it in 3 minutes. People have asked me about a nulled or warez version of senuke. You can google search all day there is no nulled version. It works to closely with there servers and simply can’t be done.

Ahrefs Free Trial

Unfortuantely ahrefs free trial is now defunct but they are offering a 7 day trial for $7.

chicago seo services

In addition to senuke you are going to need to get ahrefs.  Ahrefs free trial program has been discontinued however they have a 7 day trial for $7. Ahrefs offers a wealth of information essential to see where you are at and enable you to plan your strategy. Cheap SEO by seo daddy is the way to go.

We are here to make your dreams a reality. We want to start a mutually beneficial relationship where we will grow together.

Many seo firms are fly by night but are a solid search engine optimisation company that’s here to stay and grow with you.

Whitehat SEO VS Blackhat SEO

I think the difference gets a little blurred whitehat seo’ers suggest they have taken the high road when it comes to seo.

I point out that any attempt to manipulate google rankings is against google policy.

It really doesn’t matter if you build a link manually or have a bot build it the end result is the same. A link was built because you want to manipulate google rankings.

Therefor I have trouble seeing a clear line between blackhat and whitehat seo.

The important thing to note is google has a lot of updates designed to make sure that your website provides a pleasant and valuable experience for the user.

If you concentrate on providing a valuable user experience then you will succeed. You should put 90% of your effort into providing valuable content.

Hire an seo expert to do the rest.

Affordable SEO Programs

Hire SEO Daddy

We are local to the Peoria,Illinois are and locally serviceRoanoke,Springfield,Chicago,Metamora,East Peoria,Rantoul, and Decatur and in addition we remotely service the entire world. We offer the best affordable seo programs that you will find anywhere.

Cheap SEO Chicago

We are actually in Peoria, Illinois but we consider ourselves local to Chicago. We offer great cheap SEO Chicago. We can actually meet you in Chicago if you hire us for a big project. In addition you can always meet with us in Peoria. Our cheap seo chicago programs are customizable for any project. If you need a Chicago SEO Expert then consider the best and hire seo daddy.

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